Milestones and history

1965 Foundation of ROLAND ELECTRONIC GmbH as subsidiary of Roland Sirenenbau GmbH
1970 Development of the first Double Sheet Detectors for the metal packaging industry
1976 Switch disconnectors and canning lines switching devices for the metal packaging industry
1980 Development of the magnetic continuous sheet thickness measurement system MDM 3000
1985 Single sensor double sheet detector for steel and aluminum sheets for the automotive industry
1986 First Weld Seam Detector for tubes in coils
1990 Microprocessor-based Double Sheet Detectors of the R2000 series
1993 Installation of the first Steel Cord Inspection systems (SIS) for steel belted radial tires
1996 Microprocessor-based Weld Seam Detector SND 30
  DIN ISO 9001 certification
  Foundation of Roland Industrial Electronics Inc. to serve the North American continent
1998 Introduction of the PC-based Steel Cord Inspection system SIS XP
2002 Double Sheet Detectors with fieldbus interfaces, R1000 series
2004 PC-based Weld Seam Detector SND40 with the magnetic flux leakage and eddy current probes
2006 Cost-effective microprocessor-based double sheet detection for the metal packaging industry
2008 System for nondestructive testing UFD40 series for cables and wires
2009 Introduction of the very cost-effective hardness tester for mass-produced parts
2010 Noncontact single probe measurement for FE- and NF-materials I100-S-WI
2011 Single-Sided Double Sheet Detection of Thick Blanks up to 12 mm: P128
  Autarchic Weld Seam Sensor for narrow metal strips: NS9N-AAD-SC
2012 Innovative Eddy Current sensor for the detection of layers, butt joints and edges: Eagle Eye AA
2013 Laser based Dual Head Double Sheet Control System for Metals and non metal material: L20
2014 3-channel-version of L20
  Partnership with EHR GmbH & Co. KG
  New laser based product lines for thickness gauging: i!mensio and EHR AluCheck
  EHR AluCheck, i!mensio product line
2016 SIS G3 Steel Cord Inspection in the 3th. generation
2018 LTM Sheet Thickness Measuring, new product line, laser based technology

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