ROLAND ELECTRONIC sets new standards

As a market leader and global player in the field of Double Sheet Detection, the systems of ROLAND ELECTRONIC GmbH have become indispensable in many areas of the sheet metal processing industry worldwide.

ROLAND ELECTRONIC GmbH has successfully met the ever more extensive requirements regarding quality, process reliability, flexibility and Industry 4.0. It will introduce a new additional device to the well known Double Sheet Detection Systems at the end of 2022.
In addition to the successfully and proven Single Side Double Sheet Control systems UDK20 and E20, new standards will be set with the new DSD-PW system.
ROLAND ELECTRONIC GmbH has succeeded in creating a future-oriented symbiosis of proven and state-of-the-art technology.

With the new generation of Single Sheet Control systems, for example a wide range of different types of Roland Double Sheet sensors with a wide variety of measuring and monitoring tasks can now be connected to one control unit and processed within one program station.
The connection via common fieldbus systems, depending on the device version to the existing control system is possible as standard, as well as the integration into the customer's network.
The large program memory (999 programs) and the possibility of processing up to four measuring points with different properties - for example material, thickness and tolerances to be monitored - ensure a very high flexibility for the production processes.

The basis of the modern operating concept is the first separation between the control unit and the operating unit. Up to four DSD-PW control units can be connected and operated at one operating unit with a 7" touch color display.
The integrated operating software allows even the non-experienced user to master and operate the Double Sheet control system easily, quickly and intuitively.

Roland Electronic sets new standards
DSD-PW single side measuring system with Roland Double Sheet Sensor and sensor bracket