Compact Units R100

| A100 | I100-S-WI | XA100 + Eagle Eye AA | I100

  • Cost effective solutions for many industries
  • Single side contacting or Dual head non-contacting measurement
  • Fast reaction
  • R100 A100


    Single Side Double Sheet Detection

    FE-material 0.04 ... 4 mm sheet thickness

  • R100 Argusauge AA

    Eagle Eye AA

    For all metals 0.2 ... 8 mm thickness, depending on sensor and material

  • I100-S-WI


    Cost-effective Double Sheet Detection with single side sensors.

  • I100


    5 pairs of sensors available, non-contact measuring :

    FE material 0.05 ... 3 (4) mm thickness

    NF material 0.2 ... 5 (15)  mm thickness

For better understanding:

  • The measuring range refers to 1 sheet.
  • Steel also applies to magnetic stainless steeel.
  • Measuring ranges for many other metals are listed in our manuals.
  • Many other sensors are described in our manuals.
  • The measuring time may change depending on material thickness and operation mode. See our manuals for further details.


  • Punching Presses, Stamping Presses,
  • Slitting Machines, Scroll Shears, Cutting Machines, Varnishing lines, Welding Machines
  • Metal Printing Machines, Decorating Machines, Pail Expanders, Handle Welders, Hole Punchers for handles
  • Label / Barcode Printing at the Filler Station