• E20

    Single side air gap tolerant double sheet detector of ferrous materials


    Exchangeable sensors for sheet thickness from 0.1 ... 12 mm.

    Device variations for connection of up to four double blank sensors.

  • Single probe air gap tolerant double sheet detector of ferrous materials
  • No force after measurement
  • Exchangeable sensors for sheet thickness from 0.1 to 12 mm.
  • Optional: Version 4P allows the connection of up to four double blank sensors
  • Calibration without sheet samples
  • Digital display of sheet thickness and operations parameter
  • Programmable for 255 different sheet thicknesses
  • Monitoring of over gauge and under gauge limits
  • Monitoring of operating voltage and measurement time
  • PLC interface
  • Optional fieldbus interfaces: Profibus, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Interbus, CANopen, ProfiNet, CC-Link, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP
  • Selectable interfaces:
    Data communication via optional opto coupled RS 232 interface (download)
    Relay or opto coupled output for under gauge, nominal gauge, over gauge, and enable
  • Optional: Wall enclosure (IP65) or front panel mounting
  • E20-B-R, E20-B-O, E20-C-O, E20-PR*-S: for the connection of one sensor
  • E20-4P-B-R, E20-4P-B-O, E20-4P-C-O, E20-4P-PR*-S: for the connection from up to 4 sensors

* among Profibus all common fieldbus systems are available

Technology: Electro magnetic
Sensor: P42AGSP128GPPS
Steel magn. [FE] 0,1 ... 4 mm1 ... 12 mm
Aluminium [NF] ----
Stainl. steel aust. Aust.[NF] ----
Non-metals ----
Air gap: 0 mm0 mm
Meas.time: 80 ms (at 4 mm Steel)1.15 s (at 12 mm Steel)
Application: Double Sheet Detection in vacuum destacker, robot loader, press feeder
Material + thickness: Steel: 0.1 ... 12 mm
Meas. method: Single side Double Sheet Detection
Function principle: Electromagnetic double sheet sensor
Programs: 255 measurement programs possible
Particularities: Linearized air gap tolerant double sheet sensors
  Up to four double sheet sensors of the same type can be connected (Version 4P)
  Short measurement cycles
Wall enclosure or front panel mounting
Note Information on other sensors are documented in the manual.